Our Story

In September 2007, Irish Church Missions (ICM) planted Immanuel out of the old ICM Mission Church. Styled as an ‘old church with new beginnings,’ Immanuel is a rich diversity of age and culture that reflects the make-up of a multi-ethnic Dublin. Recognizing that God’s plan is, through the Gospel, to call for himself a new people from every nation and language, Immanuel seeks to proclaim the Good News, so that by God’s grace, men and women may be brought to repentance and faith in Christ.

Immanuel not only places great emphasis on the expository teaching of God’s Word at its services, but also on the training of its members to be partners in the Gospel. We seek to be a church united in the fellowship of the Gospel, caring for one another and loving one another as commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, as a loving, godly community, prayerfully committed to the proclamation of the Gospel, we seek to encourage one another to live faithful Christian lives to the glory of God in 21st century Dublin.

Immanuel is part of the ministry of Irish Church Missions which is a registered charity – CRA number 20001568 and CHY number 1089081.